The need to be more optimistic really isn’t a new idea, but interestingly the momentum for optimism in conservation is growing fast! So, we want to share with you some of the excellent blogs, websites and resources that you can follow and share, to learn from and take part in the optimism movement.

  1. @ConservOptimism is a joint initiative of ‪@ICCS_updates & ‪@OfficialZSL that shares positive stories coming out of ‪#conservation. The #ConservationOptimism hashtag is growing fast, keep an eye on it for more exciting news.
  2. @SeaCitizens – are the people behind the hugely successful #OceanOptimism hashtag (for more info on its success, read the ‘#optimism in conservation conversations’ blog Harriet Ibbett, ICCS).
  3. Similarly, the Ocean Optimism website is a rich resource.
  4. @Cons_Success is run by former conservation students and brings important ‪#conservation ‪#success stories to social media
  5. @James_Borrell’s excellent TEDx talk Is there hope for conservation optimism? will leave you feeling motivated!
  6. is a beautifully designed ‘constructive journalism’ site dedicated to (yes, you’ve guessed it) positive news. They have a separate section just for environment to perk you up in the morning.
  7. @ConservationWin is a relatively new twitter account that ‘tweets conservation success stories…because we talk too much about the problems’. Give them a follow.
  8. WWF are pretty good at promoting their conservation successes via their dedicated Conservation Success Stories A page like this is a great way to see the impact their campaigns have, something we can learn from.
  9. Closer to home, The National Trust have a nature and wildlife success stories page that’s perfect for sharing the local conservation efforts that sometimes get overlooked.
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