Lisel Alamilla

I have over 20 years working experience in sustainable development, both at the grassroots level and at the highest levels of policy making as Belize’s first  Minister for Sustainable Development.

As Executive Director of Ya’axché Conservation Trust, I transformed it into a national and regional organization with a highly effective international volunteer program. With my firm belief in fact-based advocating, communicating with passion and using both strategy and opportunity, I created programs and pushed for policies that positively affected people at all levels, especially those who live and work on the fringes of all protected areas and whose support is mandatory in achieving lasting change.

Following an invitation by our Prime Minister to join his cabinet in a new and vital role, I was thrust on to the national stage. This opportunity melded my background in advocacy and conservation with the crucial and first of its kind Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Environment and Protected Areas. During my tenure I managed to pass legislation that created one of the biggest Marine Protected Areas in Belize and I amended legislations that reformed our National Protected Areas System to bring it more in line with modern realities.

My years of experience on the local, national and global stage have given me unique experiences and insights. I am able to connect with the grassroots person; able to negotiate in international forums; I am a person who is decisive and strategic in my thinking, with proven skills in crafting effective programs and policies.

As a result of my career so far I have been awarded the Whitley Award for Nature, Marsh Award for Conservation Leadership and International Alumnae Award from the University of Idaho.

Lisel Alamilla